Santa’s Midnight Sleigh Ride Eco-Friendly Playset

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This Santa’s Midnight Sleigh Ride playset is totally gorgeous and the perfect Christmas gift or addition to a Christmas Eve box.  Children will love putting the pieces together and having hours of fun playing with Santa and his friends.

When not being played with it would look lovely in a child’s bedroom as a Christmas decoration.

The 42 pieces are made from sturdy and sustainable Playboard, and they connect by slotting together, meaning they can be easily packed away and brought out again and again.

All of the Play Press Playsets are Eco-conscious, as they are manufactured in the UK with Playboard. The compostable materials are made with wood pulp from sustainably-managed forests.

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  • All PlayPress sets can be switched up, adjusted and connected, so there’s no limits on imagination and every playtime is different
  • Perfect for ages 4-10 years
  • Helps to develop construction, problem-solving and motor skills whilst exploring characters and storytelling
  • Zero-waste and super-easy
  • Lightweight flatpack packaging makes it travel-friendly with no bulky plastic or complicated set-up
  • Eco-conscious: Manufactured in the UK with Playboard, our compostable material is made with wood pulp from sustainably-managed forests


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