Lottie Doll – Muddy Puddles


When it’s raining outside, Lottie is quick to pull on her raincoat and boots and go on a muddy adventure.  She loves the sound of the squelch of her boots in the mud, and it is great fun to find the deepest, muddiest puddle and jump up and down in it. Lottie also likes puddle jumping with her friends and having a competition to see who can make the biggest splash.

This playset includes a yellow hooded raincoat with blue striped lining, rain boots, a long-sleeved t-shirt, corduroy shorts and striped leggings.

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  • Age 3 years+
  • All Lottie Dolls come presented in a beautifully designed, colourful box,
  • Lottie Dolls are 7 inches (18cm) tall, making them the perfect size for little hands and the ideal companion toy for a boy or girl
  • All outfits are made from tactile, durable fabric and are interchangeable between dolls, to make dress-up play more fun!
  • All of the dolls have high-quality saran hair which is tangle resistant.
  • Ball jointed doll with bendable knees, easy to pose for imaginative play
  • Removable doll shoes, able to stand on her own two feet
  • Lottie Dolls encourage children to enjoy an active unplugged childhood, full of adventure


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