DK Dinosaur Knowledge Encyclopedia


Journey back to the Mesozoic Era, when fearsome dinosaurs roamed the land, menacing pterosaurs patrolled the skies, and the seas were filled with awesome reptiles.

See every type of prehistoric animal in unprecedented detail and with stunning realism. Find out how these fascinating creatures lived, why they died out, and what their fossil traces tell us.

This Dinosaur Knowledge Encyclopedia is packed with more than 60 prehistoric creatures, from the age of dinosaurs to the Ice Age.

It is packed with jaw-dropping 3D images including the Pterodactylus, ferocious Tyrannosaurus, the gigantic snake Titanoboa and mighty woolly mammoth. Children are totally going to love this fact-filled book.

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Revised and updated new edition of the DK Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur!

Includes over 60 Prehistoric Creatures.


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