Amazing Polar Animals Fact Cards


This fantastic set of Fact Cards features 35 amazing animals that live across our polar regions. Each animal card has an illustration and their common name on one side, then on the other side their scientific name, some key info and three facts. The background colour of the cards shows whether they live in the Arctic or Antarctic region, so you can easily sort them and see which ones live together.
See the description for a list of all the animals included.

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  • Amazing Polar Animals Fact Cards from Button and Squirt
  • The set includes 35 cards, plus 1 key card
  • Presented in a fully printed box that has all the animals in the set on it
  • All cards are illustrated and designed by Ria at Button and Squirt who is based in Wiltshire
  • Each card is approximately 78 x 108mm
  • Printed in the UK using FSC certified card, and coated with a water-based finish making them recyclable at the end of their life
  • Presented in a fully printed and laminated box
  • CE tested
  • There is no plastic wrap on the cards

This set includes

Adelie Penguin

Antarctic Krill

Antartic Sea Pig

Arctic Fox

Arctic Ground Squirrel

Arctic Hare

Arctic Lemming

Arctic Loon

Beluga Whale

Blue Whale

Bowhead Whale

Caribou (Reindeer)

Chinstrap Penguin

Colossal Squid

Common Sunstar

Crabeater Seal

Emperor Penguin

Gentoo Penguin

Grey Whale

Greenland Shark

Humpback Whale

King Penguin

Leopard Seal




Polar Bear

Ribbon Seal

Ringed Seal

Sea Angel

Snowy Owl

Sperm Whale


Wandering Albatross

Weddell Seal




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