Amazing Animals of the British Isles Fact Cards


This fantastic set of Fact Cards features 35 animals found in the British Isles.  Each card has the animals common name on one side and on the other side you will find their scientific name, when to see them, what they eat, conservation information, the threats they face and three fun facts.  The background colour of the card shows which areas of the British Isles the animal live in.
See the description for all the fun ways these cards can be used!

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  • Amazing Animals of the British Isles Fact Cards from Button and Squirt
  • The set includes 35 cards, plus 1 key card
  • There are lots of different ways to play and they really do appeal to all ages
  • Some ideas are to match up toys to the cards, to play snap with the coloured backgrounds, to find the carnivores and the herbivores, to simply identify the animals, to remember facts to win the cards, as well as using them as resources at drawing time and as inspiration for writing stories
  • Presented in a fully printed box that has all the animals in the set on it
  • All cards are illustrated and designed by Ria at Button and Squirt who is based in Wiltshire
  • Each card is approximately 78 x 108mm
  • Printed in the UK using FSC certified card, and coated with a water based finish making them recyclable at the end of their life
  • Presented in a fully printed and laminated box
  • CE tested
  • There is no plastic wrap on the cards

Set includes

  • Greater mouse eared bat
  • Willow tit
  • Ladybird spider
  • Water vole
  • Harvest dormouse
  • Elephant hawk moth
  • Mole cricket
  • Natterjack toad
  • Eurasian beaver
  • Spiny shield bug
  • Fen raft spider
  • Perch
  • Little cuttlefish
  • Orange clubbed sea slug
  • Mole
  • Golden eagle
  • European badger
  • Red deer
  • Osprey
  • Kingfisher
  • Eurasian otter
  • Common shrew
  • Red fox
  • Great crested newt
  • Red squirrel
  • Grey seal
  • Spiny seahorse
  • Common dolphin
  • Basking shark
  • Garden bumblebee
  • Pine Martin
  • Stag beetle
  • European hedgehog
  • Scottish wildcat
  • Emperor dragonfly





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